An enterprising person is one who sees opportunity in all areas of life.

To be enterprising is to keep your eyes open and your mind active. It's to be skilled enough, confident enough, creative enough and disciplined enough to seize opportunities that present themselves.

A person with an enterprising attitude says, "Find out what you can before action is taken." Do your homework. Do the research. Be prepared. Be resourceful. Do all you can in preparation of what's to come.

Enterprising people always see the future in the present. Enterprising people always find a way to take advantage of a situation, not be burdened by it. And enterprising people aren't lazy. They don't wait for opportunities to come to them, they go after the opportunities.

Enterprise is two things. The first is creativity. You need creativity to see what's out there and to shape it to your advantage. You need creativity to look at the world a little differently. You need creativity to take a different approach, to be different.

What goes hand-in-hand with the creativity of enterprise is the second requirement: the courage to be creative. You need courage to see things differently, courage to go against the crowd, courage to take a different approach, courage to stand alone if you have to, courage to choose activity over inactivity.





If you ask me my real title is VP of MSH (making sh*t happen).  Although my passion is video production, 'MSH' is my real talent.  I've never been good at taking "no" for an answer.  To me, it means ask another question.  When I start a project or make a commitment, I'm all in...until the end.  This has served me well in my 15+ years as a video producer.

I started my career in news. Working in a television newsroom is what I call gorilla journalism.  You get a story at 10am and it's finished and on the air by 5pm.  In between you research, find the story, conduct interviews, shoot b-roll, write and edit a minute package. That quick pace forces you to strip down to the essential.  That discipline has stayed with me.  As an independent producer I've worked with a multitude of clients on projects including a documentary on the state of Christians in the holy land for RiverBend Church, six 30 minute shows on 'Technology in Schools' for the Texas Education Agency,  PSA's for the Texas Medical Association and Texas Department of Safety, and music video's for Willie Nelson, Jitterbug Vipers and Girling.  I have also provided all video content for Austin non-profit Black Fret.

I bring the same drive and work ethic to my projects at Enterprising-people. Working together and 'making sh*t happen' one client at a time.  What can I make happen for you?